Need a shower and shower pan repair?

Need a shower and shower pan repair?

Choose an experienced shower and shower pan repair and resurfacing company in Acworth, Kennesaw & Marietta, GA

A broken shower can make your entire bathroom look worn-down. The Tub Man offers shower repair service in Acworth, Kennesaw & Marietta, GA. We can handle a variety of issues.

If your shower bottom is cracked, our team will drill down to install new support and resurface your tub. We'll remove all stains and scratches efficiently. You can even count on us to fix holes and spiderweb cracks.

Do you need a shower repair in Acworth or Marietta, GA? Make an appointment with The Tub Man in Acworth, Kennesaw or Marietta, GA today.


Don't ignore unsightly damage to your shower or shower pan. Cracks and holes can lead to bigger issues like water damaged flooring and rust accumulation. It's best to get a shower repair from our team as soon as possible.

We can repair chips and cracks of all shapes and sizes in tubs and showers made from:

  • Steel
  • Cast iron
  • Cultured marble
  • Fiberglass
  • Acrylic

Call 770-713-6770 now to get an efficient shower and shower pan repair service. You'll be able to enjoy your beautiful tub again within 24 hours.